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by Michael Marzio, for Members of the Real English Online Yahoo Group - These videos are for Broadband only (DSL, Cable, T1, etc.). As always, you must install the Real Player on your computer if it is not already installed. After clicking on a link, wait a minute for the video to appear on your screen. Clip number 5 below can take more than a minute to begin streaming since it is a very large file. 


Direct link to Achieve Page with Hot Potatoes Exercises and Comments for Members of the Workshop.


An Alternative to HP: Interactive Flash Exercises by Birgit Ferran

This Workshop began February 14th 2005 

We are now concentrating on Hot Potatoes, weeks of 21 Feb to 12 March


The REO 2005 Workshop Syllabus


The Participants Page&

Latest addition: Elsa's exo;



The 2005 HP Workshop:

interactive online exercises, using Hot Potatoes.

class activities, group exercises,  using a wide variety of tools,

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Participants can choose from the following 7 NEW video clips, or any of the other Real English videos, as a basis for their projects.

1 - Intermediate - a new question:
What's the best decision you have ever made?
You will also find 3 new answers to "What do you hope to achieve before you die?"


2 -   Upper Intermediate An interview of a Tour Guide in Historic Mobile, Alabama


 3 -  All levels - Something really very different as it contains no interview: The Story of the Hawk and Squirrel in the central park of Mobile, Alabama. Students make up their own narratives for this one.


4 - Pre-Intermediate: " Have" and "Have Got" with 2 Americans and 5 Brits (taped in the 1990s and edited in 2005).


5 - Upper Intermediate: What do you hope to achieve before you die? (11 minutes - be patient for video to appear) 
This clip includes interviewees who have been answering the same question for 10 years.


6 - Rebecca


7 - Intermediate:  
"What's been the best year of your life?".
This new edit includes interviewees who answered this question last month.

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A scripted video from the Surreal English collection. This is an example of the type of ESL videos we made before beginning Real English. Written by, and starring, Charlie McBride. Taped and edited by Michael Marzio and Charlie McBride, 1992.

Stream the scripted video entitled "The Smallest Restaurant in the World"

The video files here are from our main site and will be here for a short time.
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